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sweet arbequina (mission alternative)

San Joaquin Valley, California

Unfortunately, the Mission crop was nearly wiped out in the heavy rains during December and January this past season. We don't expect to have new supply until March of 2018.

But don't fret, this beautiful Arbequina will fit the bill. It might not be quite as sweet and delicate as Mission Spring, and you may pick up a very slightly peppery finish, but it’s very “fruity” and not bitter. This olive oil is ‘unfiltered’ and superb as a heart-healthy butter replacement.

Artisan-crafted from sun-ripened arbequina olives, this brilliant golden oil is superb as a heart-healthy butter replacement, and enhances the flavor of pastry and cake preparation.

Opened: best used within 12 months. Store in dark, cool, dry space. Smoke point 365ºF.

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